What Has Honey Wines Australia Been Up To?


Besides playing a lot of Elden Ring you mean?

Well, we’ve come out with several new limited edition mead flavours in the past few months, Raspberry, Coconut, Vanilla, Apple & Matcha, Lemon & Lime and just in the last week we’ve bottled a Maple Syrup mead.

maple syrup

Although we have always offered our meads in 750ml bottles the maple syrup one is the highest priced mead to date and the first one that has made us wonder whether it could have done with going to a smaller bottle size to reduce the price. Of course, the smaller price is just an illusion because you’re getting less volume, but in sales, it’s good to go with what sells best. It’s all bottled now so too late now anyway! Perhaps I’m paranoid from always having the range at around the $35 mark up until now. Having said that though, $40 for a 750ml, which is $20 for 375ml, which is the starting price for most of our competitors anyway.

When Will Honey Wines Australia Have a Cellar Door?

It’s getting closer, My wife and I have applied for a loan to move from a normal residential lot to a large rural property in the Hunter Valley area.

Depending on where we go if zoning prohibits a shopfront, at a bare minimum a larger area will allow us to have a much larger space for expanding production capacity as well as being able to keep all our beehives in one spot instead of being spread out. Expanded capacity would allow for the potential to export or further pursue wholesale to bottleshops etc. which had been somewhat put on the backburner due to the website going so well.

Ideally, we would love to have a cellar door in a building on the same land as our house, if we are unable to have a cellar door in whatever location we buy, we would look to rent a shop in the Pokolbin/Lovedale area to give it a go. Although the website is going very well and thanks to all our online customers, I would love to know whether a meadery cellar door in the Hunter Region would be a success or not. If it’s not popular and we’re only renting a shop, we can always leave after a year and at least we’ll know.

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example of large rural property

Seemingly Endless Rain

Raining pretty much every day for weeks on end, although we have been lucky enough not to have flooded (so far) it does keep the bees mostly inside all day instead of out foraging to produce more unfermented mead (sometimes called honey).

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Exploring New Drinking Horn Products

We already have drinking horns, cups, mugs and even engraved horn hair combs! Just when I think I’ve seen it all I find something new. Check out the horn goblets below, I think they are nice, might buy a batch next time we do a bulk order.

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Why Does It Say from ExoTiles on the shipping label?

Our business before starting Honey Wines Australia was importing and selling mosaic tiles online. We still run this business as well and we have not changed the courier label, many customers buy our products as birthday gifts and request there be no identifying labels anyway so having ExoTiles written on the label also helps hide your gift purchase so that is why we never changed it.

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