What Are The Types of Mead?

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One of the most favourite drinks of people in Australia is honey wine, which is commonly called as mead. This alcoholic beverage undergoes a complex process before it is made available for public consumption. What makes mead stand out from the rest is how beautifully it is made. The methods of beekeeping, harvesting the honey, and fermenting can affect the end-product.

 To provide you with a better understanding of what is mead, as well as its types, we have decided to come up with this article. Our goal is to spread awareness about this interesting beverage. As you probably know, mead is made up of honey fermented with water and yeast. It usually takes months to complete the process of how to make mead. It must be noted that each manufacturer of this beverage may employ different techniques in producing mead.

Now, let us go to the list of the different types of mead. These are the common varieties that you can find from various mead suppliers around the world:

Black Mead

To make this beverage, black currants are mixed with honey before the mixture is fermented with the usual components for mead. This usually has a tangy taste due to the presence of the currants. Just like any red wine, black mead can be served at room temperature for a better taste.

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Another way of making mead is to add fruits with honey and water before they are fermented. Makers of mead have a wide leeway to choose different fruits to add to their end products. They have the freedom to add any type of fruit, as long as it will produce a delicious alcoholic beverage that the consumers will love or patronize. 


This type of mead is also known as a bracket for many consumers, especially those who have tasted it during the early times. This drink is composed of malted grain. What makes it interesting is that the beer is combined with the honey during fermentation.


It is common that the mead drink usually has spices or herbs, as additives, to make it tastier for the target consumers. The output is usually called hippocras, which has the important components of sugar and spices. 

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Sack Mead

The amount of honey added on the mead drink may also vary from one maker to another. There are those who want to achieve a sweeter flavour for their beverages, which is why they add the honey levels. When there are excessive or high levels of honey added to the mead, it qualifies to be called as sack mead.

By now, you have already discovered that there are tons of types of classifications of mead. As a consumer, it is essential to know what you want so that you will be able to buy a mead beverage that you can truly enjoy. It is highly recommended to check the labels of the mead that you will purchase to ensure that you know its components before paying for it. 

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