What Are The Types of Mead?

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One of the most favourite drinks of people in Australia is honey wine, which is commonly called as mead. This alcoholic beverage undergoes a complex process before it is made available for public consumption. What makes mead stand out from the rest is how beautifully it is made. The methods of beekeeping, harvesting the honey,[Read more]

Tips On How To Make Mead

Experimenting with home brewing mead at home can be really fun. Due to the nature of mead having pretty much unlimited possible flavour combinations. There are so many varieties of honey alone that even if you were not adding fruits or spices it would take you a long time to try them all. Hives just[Read more]

More Honey for More Mead

frame of honey

Honey being the main ingredient other than water in making mead, I need a lot of it and it’s not exactly cheap. I’ve recently purchased enough beehive boxes for an additional 50 beehives to those I already have. By placing the hives in my preferred locations this will allow me to better control the honey[Read more]