How To Make Delicious Creamed Honey

Chocolate honey

Most honey will crystalise over time, particularly in cold temperatures. You have most likely had a jar of honey crystalise in the cupboard at some point, this can vary from just being a little crunchy to being completely solid. Unlike raw honey, store-bought honey has been heat treated which makes it less likely to crystalise but will happen eventually.

The honey is not ruined you can return the honey to its liquid state by warming it up by placing the jar into a sink of warm water.

crystalised honey

These crunchy jagged type crystals are usually what form naturally. If you take creamed honey and grind it for some time either with a mortar and pestle or a machine the crystals will be ground smooth. The result of this grinding will be a very smooth and buttery texture to the honey.

This ground crystalised honey can now be used as a seed to create more creamed honey. Many recipes will neglect to mention how the seed is made in the first place, though admittedly, it is easier simply to buy your first lot of creamed honey somewhere to use as a seed instead of going to the effort of grinding the crystalised honey yourself.

By adding 10% seed honey into normal liquid honey, stirring it in and then placing it in the fridge the smooth crystals will spread and turn the new jar into creamed honey. Although it is possible to stir in with a spoon it will be very thick and can break or bend your spoon. It is much easier to use a kitchen mixer using a dough kneading hook attachment like in the photo. Do not use a stick blender you will destroy it’s motor very quickly, don’t ask me how I know that.

kitchen mixer
Kitchen mixers will usually have a dough mixing hook

What is whipped honey then?

Okay so you’ve just made your batch of creamed honey, and instead of putting it into jars straight away and into the fridge you can go one step further and whip the honey using the whisk attachment of your kitchen mixer. The whipping process usually turns the colour of the honey completely white. When finished, bottle and place in the fridge to set. The result will have tiny bubbles and will be even more pleasant on the tongue than normal creamed honey.

creamed honey
Honey Wines Australia’s Creamed Honey

You can flavour honey

Did you know you can infuse honey with flavours? We’ve already made a CHOCOLATE HONEY, we’d also like to bring out a ginger one soon. These are great on toast, muffins etc as a spread. Maybe you have your own idea for a great flavour. The reason our Honey Wines Australia Meadery has its own branded honey is we are beekeepers as well as mead makers.

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