Food and Mead Pairing (Tips and Tricks)

food and mead pairing

If there is one thing that you need to know at the moment, it is the fact that mead is perfect to pair for any food item. This is the reason why the mead drink is a popular addition to any event or gathering. You can see people enjoying this beverage while enjoying their favourite dishes. At the same time, some go on romantic dates with food and mead pairing as one of their highlights for the night. 

Keep in mind that the art of pairing mead and food can be complicated, especially if you are still new to doing it. For this reason, it is essential to take your time in understanding how to do this correctly. In today’s article, we are going to provide you with a list of tips and tricks to remember for food and mead pairing. Our primary goal is to allow you to have the best memories as you consume this lovely drink.

Combine Spicy and Fruity Together

For a distinct-yet-satisfying combination, be sure to find a spicy dish to go with your fruity-flavoured mead. You will be surprised to find out how amazing this pairing is. The spicy flavour from your chosen food item will complement well with the sweet or tangy flavour coming from your mead drink. 


Mead Goes Well With Cheese

Did you know that one of the remarkable ways of drinking mead is to pair it with cheese? However, you must choose a glass of dry mead for this kind of combination to ensure that you will get the best from the experience. Keep in mind that you can be creative when it comes to choosing the type of cheese to have in this kind of pairing. 

Desserts Are Great For Fruit Meads

Aside from spicy food dishes, fruit meads can also go well with desserts. Take note that mead with fruity flavours has natural sweeteners. As such, this beverage can have a surprisingly good level of sweetness. Because of this, it can be well complemented with other sugary foods like desserts. Hence, you can drink mead with chocolate cake, macaroons or other sweet treats. 

Mead and Salad Can Be An Ideal Pair

Some individuals are following a certain type of diet, which is why they only eat vegetables. If you are one of these persons, then you will surely love the mead and salad combination. To ensure that you will have a good time in consuming these items, it is ideal to choose mead with a citrus flavour. This type of mead will make your experience worthwhile.

wine and food


Mead and food pairing is such a fun thing activity. Note that we have only presented some of the common pairings above. There are still other combinations or mixtures that you can try. Do not be afraid to mix and match, until you find the pairing that will work best for you. You can also browse the collection of our best mead beverages here at Honey Wines Australia. 

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