Folk Tale Meadery – Content Thieves

We recently caught Folk Tale Meadery in Queensland stealing our content. Specifically, our article post titled “Why Isn’t Mead As Popular As Wine?” They stole it word for word and uploaded it to their website without crediting us as the rightful author.

Funnily enough, it was on a page with other content that the source was credited, guess who the only one not credited was? It’s normal to use articles for inspiration, rewrite them into your own words and credit the source, but lifting it word for word is never acceptable.

Honey Wines Australia has put a significant amount of time and money into making this website, in our opinion the best mead website in Australia both in functionality and useful blog articles. Naturally, we’re pretty disgusted that a competitor would steal and try to pass off our content as their own.

Since being confronted, Folk Tale Meadery has now deleted it, to date no compensation has been supplied.

The only reason I’m not suing is I’m sure legal costs would outweigh any gain.

Update: So they’ve now put up a new poorly written, hastily put together article with the same title, I actually can tell they genuinely wrote it themselves this time because of the errors. Guys, I’ll help you out, it’s the industrial revolution, with an R, not industrial evolution.

I’m really sorry to tell you guys, you don’t know how the internet works. Editing it now doesn’t hide your tracks, nothing is ever truly deleted from the internet as there are sites dedicated to archiving. There is an archive of the original page right here Alternatively a PDF version is here

What I find very rich though is the thieves have now added Copyright 2021 to the bottom of each section! Imagine being a content thief and then having the audacity to then add Copyright notices to your own site. They’re confident I’ll give them that!

Folktale or Folk Tale Meadery?

I’m a bit confused, is it Folk Tale Meadery like on the logo and Facebook or Folktale Meadery? You call yourself both in different places. I believe correct English is Folktale.

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