Everything You Need To Know About Mead

everything you need to know about mead 1

Many people love consuming mead because of its distinct taste and the great benefits it provides. This beverage has alcohol content, which is created through a fermentation process involving honey with water. Depending on the manufacturer, it may also contain handpicked spices, fruits, and even grains. If you are interested in buying this item, it is best to check the ingredients to ensure that you love its content. The alcohol content in the mead recipe may also vary from one manufacturer to another.

Now that you are already aware of what is mead, let us move forward to the top facts that consumers like you should learn about this beverage. Keep in mind that being knowledgeable about mead can help you make better decisions about the type of drink to purchase in the future. In this article, allow us to present to you the top things that you must learn about mead Australia. 

Mead Predates Beer 

It is a surprising fact that mead is considered the oldest alcoholic beverage in history. According to a recent study, the existence of this beloved drink can be traced back as early as 7000 B.C. It is said to have started in China, and since then became famous around the world. This means that it actually existed before people started drinking beer. 

everything you need to know about mead 2

Honey Can Change Mead’s Flavor

As a consumer of this great beverage, it is crucial to understand that the taste of mead drink depends on the type and amount of honey fermented in creating the beverage. Hence, it is correct to conclude that honey is an essential component of this product. This is why manufacturers must know how to process the honey. Remember that the bee’s diet can also affect its honey produce.

There Are Three Main Ingredients Used

As already mentioned above, mead is created through the process of fermentation. To make this happen, three major ingredients must be used, namely honey, yeast, and water. It must be noted that honey is the primary component in the fermentation process. Mead, while called honey wine, must be differentiated from the regular wines in the market. The latter one used fruits and not honey for fermentation.

everything you need to know about mead 3

There Are Spices In Mead

Earlier in the article, it was mentioned that manufacturers also vary the taste of their meads by adding herbs and spices. The amount and types of additives in the mead drink depends on the level of complexity that a manufacturer wants to achieve. However, there is a need to be extra cautious when it comes to using herbs and spices as they may affect the aging process of the beverage.

Mead Is Aphrodisiac

In ancient times, mead is considered as a must-have for every wedding ceremony and intimate gatherings. In fact, this honey wine has an old name called “honeymoon.” The said term was coined due to a common tradition of drinking during Medieval times wherein this beverage is shared by newly wedded couples during a full moon. The explanation for this practice is that mead has an aphrodisiac feature.

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