#1 Drinking Horns in Australia

Drinking horn cups and mugs are one of our best-selling products as they go hand in hand with mead which is already a Viking-themed product, maybe we should have made another business Drinking Horns Australia?

Where Do We Source Our Drinking Horns?

We source our drinking horns from India and after trying several suppliers eventually found one that offers high quality at a good price point. The cows in India are a variety that have massive horns, a question we occasionally receive is ‘are they humanely sourced’ or maybe ‘are they hunted specifically for their horns?’ They are actually sourced as a byproduct of the meat industry. Cows get processed for eating and their horns would otherwise go to waste if not turned into a useable product.

We have them sealed by the manufacturer on the inside with food-grade epoxy. This prevents a horn taste/smell.

Some people sell horns alongside a block of beeswax, which is preferable for some historical reenactors but then you would have to apply it yourself which can be messy.

I notice many other drinking horns being sold are engraved but no paint has been applied to the engravings to highlight them, which makes a huge difference to the end result. Our supplied will add white paint to dark-coloured horns and black paint to the engravings of lighter-coloured horns.

We import the horns as cups, mugs and hair combs but there are actually many other things they make with horns such as wine glasses, buttons, water bottles, bottle openers, gunpowder holders, guitar picks, hair pins and more.

drinking horn bottle
drinking horn bottles

Although I like the bottles pictured above, I only have so much space to store things and I think I have enough horn products for now.

Custom Engraved Drinking Horns

Yes at request we can have drinking horns engraved to your own design, it will take a few weeks to arrive and cost a bit more but it’s there as an option if you want it. If interested in custom engraving for yourself, for a birthday or Christmas gift or perhaps for your sports team/club.

Contact us for a quote. In most cases, custom engraving horns adds about $20-$25 to the usual price.

If you do want a custom engraving ideally provide us the image you would like copied, often the way hand engraving works is by them printing the design and stocking it to the horn and they can they trace the outlines of the design with the engraving tool, any residual paper is then buffed off.

If it is not a design but text, for example, someone’s name, let us know exactly what you want, the font type, upper case or lower case?

Abbeyhorn natural horn products
horn products
upcycled horn spoon handmade 1 1
horn spoons
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