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Our Range of Premium Meads

You have found where to buy mead – a very unique range of mead! We are one of the few meaderies in Australia to supply premium mead in 750ml bottles whilst retaining a fair price.

Honey Wines Australia are beekeepers as well as mead makers. We produce our own honey and can guarantee its quality. Our bees visit a million flowers per bottle of mead!

No articifial flavours or colours used.

Honey Wine Delivery

When you buy mead online we offer free delivery for orders over $139 anywhere in Australia.

What we love about mead is the near limitless possible flavour combinations when brewing, in addition to adding fruits or spices to the brew there are so many different honey varieties depending on the trees the bees collected nectar from. Honey Wines Australia uses a lot of mangrove honey from our Lake Macquarie hives however we also have hives literally in the vineyards of the Hunter Valley that we are looking forward to tasting the honey from. Without being boastful, when I give honey tastings at the end of my beekeeping classes, hearing ‘that’s the best honey I’ve ever tasted!’ is not uncommon at all.

Honey Wines Australia are also mead wholesalers and always on the look out for distributors.